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Are you planning a trip and want to take the most out of your money? Book with Lufthansa today! With an over six hundred aircraft fleet, Lufthansa provides you with travel solutions for hundreds of destinations, both national and international. This includes main traveler destinations in the Americas, Asia, Africa… click here for that voucher now!


Fly with the confidence that you are trusting a number one aircraft company in Europe, an one of the main in the world. Lufthansa first quality services and comfort are for everybody (not only premium and first class passengers). As mentioned bellow, Lufthansa economy class is equipped to provide travelers with maximum comfort along the trip, whether it is a long or short-haul one. Slim seats spare more room to your legs and latest trend in-flight entertainment programs displayed in an interactive screen promise fun all-trip-long. Not to mention a dozen of other remarkable advantages, such as special meal plans for passengers with special needs, children-specific menus, convenient “relax-during-your-flight” tutorials, and many more. Treat yourself without fear to ultra-high fares and book with Lufthansa today!


Lufthansa is the flag carrier of Germany and also the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of overall passengers carried and fleet size. It operates services to 18 domestic destinations an 197 international destinations in 78 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, using a fleet of more than 280 aircraft. Lufthansa is also the parent company for several other airlines and further aviation-related branches. Among the most well known are Swiss International Airlines and Lufthansa Technik. With over 620 aircraft, it has one of the largest passenger airline fleets in the world when combined with its subsidiaries. Without going any further, last year Lufthansa Group carried over 103 million passengers. Lufthansa current main headquarters are in Cologne, and the main operations base (Lufthansa Aviation Center, LAC) is located at Lufthansa’s primary traffic hub at Frankfurt Airport. Lufthansa is also a founding member of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, formed in 1997. The name of the company is derived from Luft (the German word for “air”) and Hansa (a Latin term referring to the Hanseatic League).


Online check-in option. Lufthansa is continuously improving its service. from now on you can manage your bookings more conveniently. With that purpose, they have included a number of new features. With your customer account, you can reserve your seat, request your special meal, cancel your booking, upgrade your online booking and rebook your flight.

Online rebooking. This new highly convenient feature allows you to change that booking online or via mobile up to 1 hour before departure at my bookings section. This means you can react quickly and flexibly at any time to unforeseen events without needing to contact the Lufthansa Service Centre… and avoid long queues at the airport counter!

Save your money without compromising on comfort. Lufthansa indeed has quite attractive services & amenities for their premium & business class passengers. But for many people, price is one of the deciding factors while they fly and Lufthansa is aware of that. Never mind, with Lufthansa Economy Basic fares you can still enjoy the reliability of a world-renowned airline. For instance, you will find available the very last in-flight entertainment programmes and will enjoy menus which suit your departure time and destination, everything rounded off by a wide selection of complimentary drinks.

Comfortable seating! Whether a short flight or a long one, you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable. The slim construction of the seat backs provides greatest leg room, making it easier for you to stretch your legs. Plus, in long haul routes you’ll be provided with a seat cushion, as well as individually adjustable headrests on every seat.

Treat yourself onboard! Lufthansa has performed extensive changes in its in-flight services both in economy and premium classes, with the goal of further satisfying the wishes of their passengers. For instance, at economy class you can expect an extensive choice of hot and cold beverages, plus a little snack or hot meal, depending on the route.

Children will love the flight too! Lufthansa has taken care of that by including a specially-for-children selection of products & food. Little birds made of noodles fly on the plate and cheese sandwich smiling broadly with its red tomato mouth. Fun, fresh, colorful, healthy and delicious. Children won’t just eat with their eyes, they’ll tuck in with relish! Plus, from now on little planes will accompany little passengers! The stars of “planes” are now on board all Lufthansa flights, ensure that their youngest ones are most entertained.

Special meals. Passengers who require special food for dietary, nutritional or religious reasons have a choice of 17 different meals on Lufthansa operated flights. So if you have trouble with certain foods, are diabetic, celiac, or are on a special diet… you’ll absolutely love Lufthansa in-flight catering services. You just need to be a little proactive and order yours online up to 24 hours before departure.

The latest in on board entertainment. From now on you’ll find noticeably more content in the Inflight Entertainment programme in Lufthansa long-haul flights for passengers in all travel classes. The film, TV and audio offer will be expanded and spread across different themes. As well as the latest Hollywood blockbusters and popular classics, you will be able to enjoy a large choice of “modern classics! – cinema highlights from the last few years. First and business class passengers will also receive a redesigned programme listings magazine enhanced by lifestile articles and celebrity magazine elements.

Work with your laptop on board! Whether you want to finnish your school essay, prepare for your next meeting or writte an e-mail, Lufthansa FlyNet creates the ideal conditions for you to surf the internet. Plus, to enable you to work with your laptop with no restricitions, Lufthansa has equipped their first and business class seats with power sockets for which you don’t need an adaptator!

Your health is safe during Lufthansa flights. If medical assistance is required on board, you’ll be attended by doctors who have joined their “doctor on board” programme.

Offset your carbon emissions with Lufthansa. Lufthansa passengers have a further opportunity to play an active role in tackling climate change. Via the independent partner organization Myclimate, ecologically aware air travelers can invest specifically in climate protection projects and can offset their CO2-emissions. Money will be used to fund climate projects that will help to achieve a direct reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Every project selected by Myclimate complies with the most stringent quality standards, for your greater peace of mind.


Lufthansa wants you to have a satisfactory experience, for which they made their booking process easy and quick. Enter your trip information on the home pages’ search box or browse through the offers at the website. Once you’ve decided the dates and route. Of course, prices vary depending on dates. Lufthansa will display a list of different flight options, always specifying number of scales, and estimated flight time and total flight price plus taxes, fees and carrier charges per person included. Complete your passenger details and choose your payment method. They offer you a convenient range of payment solutions, from debit & credit cards to PayPal and iDEAL. Confirm your payment and your booking summary will be displayed. Do not forget to include your voucher during the process!


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