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As Europe’s leading hotel portal, HRS make possible the search between a wide ranges of different classes of hotels. No matter if you are looking for a simple accommodation, a chain hotel or a medium- range hotel. You could book a  worldwide room; towns or regions. Introduce a postcode or adress and their powerful searcher tool will find you the best options available. Click here for a discount code!


HRS`s users will have into their screen pictures of the hotel and the link to access their books. They also could access at more relevants features  about any hotel plus location on the city or town and even nearest tren and bus  stations. Their rating are visible too. You can see newly openings at HRS; Be inspired by the fresh spirit of a new team and enjoy the new ambiance as one of the first guest. To make complete your trip maybe you need to freedom move across your destination, HRS provides you a rent a car service too.

Business travels, groups or according theme hotels can give you the most suitable selection.They adapt their wide range of product to your necesities.

Typing location dates of arrival and departure, and nº of simple or double room you need. Start to decide between a long list of available accommodation. Into a sort results you have the option to exclude hotels according your preference. For example according to discounts customer rating or HRS stars are a handy way to find earlier your perfect hotel.

When you have decided one, you only need to fill your personal details to complete the process. Changes and cancelation are available for your books.

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